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Case Study: Building Chandra Fussell’s Empowerment Coaching Brand

Case Study: Building Chandra Fussell’s Empowerment Coaching Brand


Chandra Fussell stands as a pillar of empowerment, dedicating her life to guiding others through transformative journeys of self-discovery and strength. As an empowerment coach, Chandra’s mission is to ignite inner resilience and inspire action. Seeking to extend her reach and impact, she entrusted our agency with crafting a distinct brand identity, an engaging online presence, and tools to further her mission, including a unique set of empowerment cards.

Our Solutions:

On this collaborative journey, we were inspired by Chandra’s determination and ability to thrive amidst challenges. Here’s how we contributed to her mission:

  • Brand Identity Development: We created a brand identity that reflects Chandra’s essence—strength, empowerment, and resilience. This identity serves as the foundation of her visual and communicational strategy.

  • Landing Page Creation: Utilizing a user-centric approach, we developed a dynamic landing page that not only introduces visitors to Chandra’s philosophy but also engages them in her story and offerings.

  • Empowerment Cards Mockups: Recognizing the importance of tangible tools in Chandra’s coaching practice, we designed and produced mockups for a set of empowerment cards. These cards are crafted to inspire and support individuals on their journey to self-empowerment.

  • Marketing and Brand Strategy Session: Acknowledging the challenges Chandra faced on her path to launch, we provided her with an intensive, innovative marketing and brand strategy session. This strategic guidance aimed to bolster her resilience and equip her with the insights needed to navigate the market successfully.


Throughout our journey with Chandra Fussell, we witnessed the power of resilience and the transformative impact of a well-crafted brand identity and strategy. Chandra’s brand now stands as a testament to her mission, equipped with the tools and strategies to empower and inspire a broader audience. Our collaboration has laid a solid foundation for Chandra’s continued success and influence as an empowerment coach.

"Tiera's strategy allowed me to pull out the very best best of myself." ..... Watch the video to hear more. 

Chandra's Testimonial

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