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Make Room for Mason Case Study: Landing Page & Brand Identity

Make Room for Mason Case Study: Landing Page & Brand Identity
Jasmine Fambro stands out as a visionary in the literary world, dedicating her talent to enriching the lives of young minds. As a celebrated children's author and the creative force behind "Make Room for Mason," she has introduced "Mason's Big Little Feelings" to the world. Inspired by her son Mason, this book ventures into the realm of emotional intelligence, using the alphabet as a guide to navigate complex emotions. Recognizing the need for a distinctive brand identity to amplify her message, Jasmine enlisted our agency’s expertise.

Our Approach:
Here’s a breakdown of how we brought Jasmine’s vision for "Make Room for Mason" to life:

  • Dynamic Landing Page Creation: Utilizing Wix, we developed a custom, dynamic landing page that captivates visitors and offers them a seamless journey through Jasmine’s world.

  • Comprehensive Brand Guidelines: We compiled an extensive set of brand guidelines, detailing typography, brand voice & messaging, color palette, and more, to ensure consistency across all platforms and materials. 

  • Monogram Logo Design: In addition to the main logo, crafted by the book's illustrator, we created a complementary monogram logo. This subtle yet powerful addition enhances the brand's visual identity. 

  • Step and Repeat Design: For Jasmine's events and promotions, we designed a bespoke step and repeat backdrop, ensuring her brand presence is felt strongly wherever she goes.

Through our collaborative efforts, "Make Room for Mason" now boasts a captivating brand identity that resonates with its audience on a profound level. Jasmine Fambro’s vision has been transformed into a tangible brand experience, enriching the literary landscape and empowering children with the gift of emotional intelligence.

"Thank you so much for bringing my vision to life" ....

Jasmine's Testimonial

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