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A Luxury Online Presence for Aldreka Campbell’s Medical Spa

Case Study: A Luxury Online Presence for Aldreka Campbell’s Medical Spa


Aldreka Campbell stands at the forefront of innovation and excellence in the beauty industry, owning a distinguished black-owned medical spa in Savannah, GA , that represents the pinnacle of aesthetic and medical beauty services. With her business experiencing growth and evolution, Aldreka sought our expertise to create an online presence that mirrors the luxury and sophistication of her offerings. She envisioned a website that showcases her comprehensive range of services and provides an immersive, upscale experience for her clients.

Our Strategy:

Our approach was centered on embodying the essence of Aldreka’s brand and the premium nature of her services. Here’s how we achieved this:

  • Luxury Website Redesign on Wix Studio: We chose Wix Studio for its flexibility and robust design capabilities, enabling us to craft a bespoke, high-end online experience. Our focus was on curating a site that reflects the sophistication of Aldreka’s spa, from the landing page to the service details.

  • Enhanced User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design: Recognizing the importance of intuitiveness and elegance in the user journey, we meticulously designed the UX and UI. Our goal was to ensure that visitors could effortlessly navigate through the website, discovering Aldreka’s wide array of services in an engaging and accessible manner.

  • Copywriting for Luxury Appeal: The tone, style, and quality of the copy were tailored to resonate with Aldreka’s target audience, emphasizing the exclusivity and premium nature of her spa services. Through persuasive and refined copy, we conveyed the unique benefits and expertise that Aldreka offers to her clients.

  • Showcasing Services through Detailed Pages: To adequately represent the breadth and depth of services available at Aldreka’s spa, we designed over 15 detailed pages. Each page serves to inform, educate, and entice potential clients, highlighting the unique features and outcomes of each treatment.



The result of our collaboration with Aldreka Campbell is a visually stunning and functionally superior website that stands as a digital extension of her luxurious medical spa. Through strategic design, enhanced usability, and compelling copywriting, we’ve created an online platform that not only aligns with the growth and progression of Aldreka’s business but also elevates the brand in the digital space. Aldreka’s spa now enjoys a fittingly sophisticated and accessible online presence, ready to welcome and convert visitors into loyal clients. You can see an the screenshot above that her website transformation resulted in an increase of website traffic and website engagement. 

"Omg, the absolute best experience!!!" . 

Aldreka's Testimonial

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