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Case Study: Crafting a Cohesive Brand Identity for Kendra Alia

Case Study: Crafting a Cohesive Brand Identity for Kendra Alia

The Challenge:

Kendra Alia, a trailblazer in the hair care sector, stands at the forefront as both a Master Hair Educator and the proprietor of a high-end salon. Balancing multiple roles, she approached our agency with a vision: harmonizing her trio of ventures under one unified brand umbrella.

Our Strategy:

Here’s a snapshot of how we brought Kendra’s vision to life:

  • Salon Website Transformation: Utilizing Wix, we crafted an inviting online space that mirrors the luxury and sophistication of Kendra’s salon.

  • Logo Evolution: We refined Kendra’s logo, enhancing its visual appeal while ensuring it represents the elegance of her brand.

  • Brand Identity Overhaul: Our team reimagined Kendra’s brand identity, curating a design language that speaks directly to her clientele's aspirations.

  • Educational Platform Redesign and Migration: Moving to Kajabi, we designed an intuitive, engaging platform for Kendra’s educational institute, making learning an elegant journey for her students.

  • E-commerce Site Revamp: Transitioning to Shopify, we elevated the online shopping experience to reflect the luxury of Kendra’s products, ensuring a seamless blend of beauty and functionality.

Continued Partnership:

  • Retainer Service for Social Media Content: Recognizing the importance of consistent engagement, we now curate bespoke social media content, fostering a vibrant community around Kendra’s brand.

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